Maybe the most pivotal meeting in a sales reps career

Most sales reps don’t receive much feedback, especially formal feedback. Sales leaders pride themselves as good communicators and leaders, but many fail to establish critical feedback loops early in a new sales rep’s career. Assessing a sales representative’s performance is one of the key responsibilities of the sales leader. The 90 day review is the most critical performance assessment in a sales rep’s career.

The 90 day review is part of a system of performance management that is based on goals you and your sales staff set together. When executed correctly, this assessment sets the tone for a sales rep’s career with your organization. 

If you aren’t doing these reviews well, or skipping them entirely, you’re failing your company, your team, and yourself. Sadly, many sales leaders don’t have a defined process for the 90 day review. Even worse, many leaders don’t even do a 90 day review with newly hired sales reps. This creates a disconnect between the sales rep and the sales leader. 

In many cases a sales rep completes the 90 day period without any formal feedback from the sales leader, and the rep interprets the lack of feedback as acceptable performance. From the leader’s perspective, sometimes the lack of feedback is because performance is poor, but they haven’t yet confronted the situation.

Implementing the 90 day review process into your culture will seem uncomfortable at first, but the long term benefits to your team culture will far outweigh any short term discomfort for you and the reps.

Ready to learn the formula for conducting a successful sales rep’s 90 Day Review? Download this step-by-step guide and start building a world-class sales team today.