Your sales team only gets better when you get better. You can either grow through trial and error, or you can hire an expert who can help you succeed faster. The choice is yours.
B2B revenue leadership
  • You’re struggling to hit your sales goals.
  • Turnover of good people has increased.
  • Your sales team is quickly growing.
  • You’re expanding into new markets or launching new offerings.
  • You understand all top-performers have a coach outside the organization, but you’re corner’s empty.
  • You’re in need of a trusted advisor that you can call in real-time to help make the best decisions.

Tactics and technology come and go. True sales leaders invest in a proven operating model that delivers results year in and year out. Your unique sales leadership model travels with you from one leadership role to the next, ensuring you a long, successful career If you are trying to quickly double or triple your sales results, then this program will show you how. In it you will discover:

  • The critical processes that drive sales performance.
  • How to choose the right processes and people for your team.
  • The sales metrics you collect and measure.
  • How to prioritize conflicting sales priorities.
  • How to align seller activities with business objectives.
  • How to improve the CRM and other tools to impact coaching, reporting and results.
  • Reporting, forecasting and management best practices.
  • How to “manage” your targets and team to consistently hit your numbers.
  • How to be a great manager and even better coach.
  • Create your own sales leadership “playbook” that you own and continue to refine as your career progresses.
“Nigel teaches you how to build a sales team that stands the test of time. He cuts through the gimmicks and quick fixes to leave you with the fundamentals needed to build a world-class sales organization.”
Andrew Dumont entrepreneur and investor
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