Sometimes coaching and the workshop isn’t enough. You need a sales leader and you need it to be Nigel for a season (add Nigel as part of your team)

B2B revenue leadership
  • You’re in need of a trusted advisor who’s been there before.
  • If hiring a FT sales leader feels risky. 
  • You want your sales leader to apprentice under the authority on building and leading sales team.

Tactics and technology come and go. True sales leaders invest in a proven operating model that delivers results year in and year out. Your unique sales leadership model travels with you from one leadership role to the next, ensuring you a long, successful career If you are trying to quickly double or triple your sales results, then this program will show you how. In it you will discover:

  • The critical processes that drive sales performance.
  • How to choose the right processes and people for your team.
  • The sales metrics you collect and measure.
  • How to prioritize conflicting sales priorities.
  • How to align seller activities with business objectives.
  • How to improve the CRM and other tools to impact coaching, reporting and results.
  • Assessment capabilities of the team; sales team is aligned with business strategy
  • Build and delivery best in class training system and processes
  • Lead your sales initiatives and team
“Nigel teaches you how to build a sales team that stands the test of time. He cuts through the gimmicks and quick fixes to leave you with the fundamentals needed to build a world-class sales organization.”
Andrew Dumont entrepreneur and investor
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