Better Interview Questions

Interviewing sales professionals takes a unique skill. The good news is that the skill is a learned skill. Sales professionals are extremely difficult for many executives and human resources professionals to interview because salespeople are great at connecting, building rapport and creating consensus. It’s common for the initial “candidate screener” to love many unqualified candidates.

I’ve partnered with chief sales officer and executive Nicole Moberg of Thrive Senior Living to provide you with over 70 sample interview questions categorized by values and principles that have been battle tested to identify top producers. Collectively, Nicole and I have interviewed thousands of salespeople for virtually every conceivable selling environment. Use these questions to improve your interviewing skills and uncover the truth about your sales candidates.

Sample from Guide:

I try to get their “story” to help me determine if they’ve faced rejection or have been stepped on and kicked, and got back up.

• Tell me about the most difficult customer you had to win over and how you did it.
• Tell me your most difficult life situation that you’ve had to overcome?
• What’s the worst thing you’ve done and gotten away with?
• What drives you, what motivates them and where does that come from?

Ready to hire the best? Download a step-by-step guide with 70+ sample interview questions and scenarios that have been battle tested to identify top producers.

interview questions for sales leaders