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Channel the experience of a proven sales leader

If you want to see yourself more clearly, better understand your sales team and CEO, learn better ways to perform under pressure, leverage your strengths, improve your leadership identity and consistently hit your sales targets year after year, then schedule your free trial call with Nigel.  

With Nigel, discover how you can:

  • Quickly turn underperforming teams into consistent achievers
  • Recruit and retain top sales talent by developing your own training and development program
  • Confidently manage your executive team’s expectations
  • Anticipate adversity, manage difficult situations and build a culture of excellence
  • Shift your identity from “sales manager” to “executive leader of sales
“Nigel commanded the room’s attention from the moment he began to speak. I learned more about building a profitable, powerful and purpose-driven business from Nigel Green in those 48 hours than I could have ever imagined. His speaking ability, presentation style and character are second to none!”
John Nemo Bestselling Author, Founder, LinkedIn Riches

Activate your Leadership Potential

Discover the skills that have redefined sales leadership. These timeless methods are proven to unlock your potential and give you a new high performance career and lifestyle.

Ignite your sales team

Find a new level of collaboration and excellence, set a new standard. Align your team’s focus, culture and results with the company mission and strategy.

Accelerate your Career

The best companies have the best leaders. I’ve worked with Fortune 500 executives and start-up CEOs with the same goal: grow revenue…fast. Improve your performance so that you can advance your career.

  • Tell me a little about your situation

  • Please be as detailed as possible. The more specific and detailed you are, the quicker I can help. e.g. I want to build a sales team and I’m not sure how to start (start) e.g. I have a sales team and we aren’t consistently hitting our goals (scale) e.g. I want an expert set of eyes to review my strategy so I can continue to succeed (sustain)