Sales Leadership Workshop

Get a Sales Leadership MBA in one day. Become an indispensable executive that always delivers results.
An intimate one-day, intensive limited to 10 participants.  
Business Insider
It’s a fact–most sales “leaders” don’t have executive presence and lack the skills and confidence to participate in the executive team. You can get an MBA, but universities don’t have a track for Chief Sales Officers or VPs of Sales. But you don’t need an MBA, you need to master seven skills.
At the Sales Leadership Workshop you’ll learn the skills AND get real time coaching from an authority on building best-in-class sales teams.
  • Learn how to master your craft with Nigel Green.
  • Get access to all of Nigel’s resources, PDF, tools and a recording of the workshop.
  • Get a 1:1 session with Nigel after the workshop to ensure you’re on the right track.
  • Advance your career from the comfort of your home or office.
  • Master the only seven skills you need to be an effective executive.
  • Create a vivid vision for your personal leadership career.

Module 1. Defining the role | clarifying the key areas of responsibility and performance indicators of the sales leader. You will create your own leadership scorecard.

Module 2. Preparing, presenting and executing a sales plan | understanding the essential elements of a sales plan. How to build annual, quarterly and monthly sales plans. You will build a comprehensive annual, quarterly and monthly sales plan.

Module 3. Hiring top talent | building and iron clad recruiting, interviewing and hiring plan that reduces bad hires. You will create a comprehensive hiring process.

Module 4. Sales training and coaching | understanding the difference between training and coaching. Plus, tactics to improve both your training and coaching processes. You will build a comprehensive annual training schedule for your team; create an on oboarding playbook; create rep specific professional development plans.

Module 5. Performance management | learn how to conduct a business review, performance appraisal and create a forecast with in just one meeting. You will learn how to Implement the accounts / opportunity review.

Module 6. Executive presence | how to increase your value to the management team, earn your leadership teams trust and build your credibility with the CEO. You will learn how to report results and present to the leadership team.

Module 7. You, inc | the business of you. Building your personal brand, establishing and accomplishing your career goals. You will create an authoritative anchor and build your brand around it. You will establish your 1, 3, and 5 year career goals.


There are plenty of people in the industry who are knowledgeable sales managers, well versed in selling techniques, understand sales tech, know their competitors and even understand a little marketing. Unfortunately, technical expertise doesn’t matter if you can’t  deliver and operate at the executive layer of an organization. Too many sales leaders lack the ability to create a compelling vision, build and lead a team, gather buy-in across the organization or consistently and confidently hit their sales targets. The Sales Leadership Workshop addresses the skill gap for mid-and-senior level sales leadership talent.

  • A 1:1 session after the one day workshop.
  • Access to the workshop recording.
  • Access to additional PDFs, videos and templates.

After the workshop, you’ll have clarity on how your team will hit its sales goal, new ideas to maximize the value of opportunities and more. Your sales team will leave excited and energized to conquer their sales goals.