A Fail-Proof Formula for Positioning Your Annual Sales Plan

Most sales leaders build their sales plan without the input and buy in from the sales team. When the team doesn’t execute the plan they struggle to understand why. Good sales leaders understand the importance of positioning the plan so that the sales team is “all in” on the results required. It’s common for the leader’s plan to be met with resistance. The resistance is because the team will need to do things differently in the coming months, and the team isn’t sure they want or need to be different. But if you learn how to properly position the plan, with a compelling vision, you might not experience any resistance at all.

Positioning a sales plan is vital to success. This requires vision. Vision is one of the most distinctive elements of leadership, and is often what separates extraordinary leaders from the ordinary. Predicting future sales through a spreadsheet is one thing, motivating the sales team to respond and execute the vision and the plan is another.

This resource will show you how to position your sales plan in a way that creates action and excitement. Successful sales kick-off will show you:

  • How to highlight what’s in it for the reps
  • Why the plan must support a noble mission
  • How to avoid potential pitfalls before you present the plan

When you properly position your sales plan, your chances of success greatly increase.

Ready to learn the fail-proof formula for positioning your sales plan? Download this step-by-step guide that includes a day-by-day agenda and instructions for a successful Sales Team Kickoff .