An on-site workshop that will ignite your sales team and accelerate sales growth

  • You’re struggling to hit your sales goals.
  • Your incentive plan isn’t working.
  • Your sales team is unmotivated.
  • Turnover of good people has increased.
  • You need to launch a new product, and you are unsure about sales team structure and size.
  • A merger requires the integration of two existing teams.
  • Customer retention or customer acquisition is a problem.
  • Current goals aren’t driving the right behavior.

You need a sales team firing on all cylinders. Your company’s value is driven by the quality of your sales team. An effective sales team is a competitive advantage.


Your Sales Team Review will take your sales team through seven growth principles. These seven principles are battle tested. These principles were refined while leading a sales team’s growth from $94M to $350M in three years. They work regardless of market conditions. If you are trying to scale a sales team, then during the review you’ll learn how to:

  • Significantly boost your top line.
  • Build a winning sales team culture.
  • Harness your sales team to enhance customer retention.
  • Overcome competitive threats, even in an unpredictable economy.
  • A playbook to accelerate your team’s sales results.
  • Clarity on your unique competitive advantage and a plan to execute it.
  • A plan to becoming your industry’s top selling organization.
  • The confidence your sales plan will produce the results that leadership expects.
  • Strategies to master client resistance and close more deals.
  • A customer-centered sales culture.
“Nigel commanded the room’s attention from the moment he began to speak. I learned more about building a profitable, powerful and purpose-driven business from Nigel Green in those 48 hours than I could have ever imagined. His speaking ability, presentation style and character are second to none!”
John Nemo Bestselling Author, Founder, LinkedIn Riches

After the workshop, you’ll have clarity on how your team will hit its sales goal, new ideas to maximize the value of opportunities and more. Your sales team will leave excited and energized to conquer their sales goals

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