“One of the last true sales leaders. Heed his advice and watch your sales grow.”

—Rory Vaden, NY Times Best-Selling Author

Expert consulting, coaching and workshops so you can maximize your sales team’s potential and dramatically grow your business.

Don’t just hope to hit your sales numbers. Plan on it. Here’s how we can help you:

  • Start

    Stressed about finding good leads? Let's transforms your sales funnel so you can focus on turning those leads into revenue.

    Start Growing
  • Scale

    Getting more sales and keeping more accounts doesn’t have to mean hiring more people. Our strategies help you maximize the skills of each person on your team.

    Scale smarter
  • Sustain

    Protect your hard-won success from the market’s downturns and disruptions. How? Build a culture of constant improvement.

    Sustain Success

Meet Nigel Green

I built and led category-defining sales teams for over a decade. Now I teach sales leaders how to do the same. I built and led the sales team at Foundations Recovery Network. In three years, we grew the business by 272%, from a $94M valuation to a $350M valuation. I served as the CEO at StoryBrand, and I spend a year building and leading the sales and marketing teams at relode. I still serve on relode’s board of advisors. Along the way, I’ve served as a sales strategy advisor to Ascension Care Management, CaredFor, Workit Health and others. All of this experience has shaped my work at Evergreen. Together we will accelerate and sustain the growth of your sales team. My mission is to show you how to build and scale a category-defining sales team. I’m both an optimist and a realist, understanding that growth in business comes in seasons. It’s not always steady, and economic fluctuations are often beyond your control. But I also knows that with the right tools and planning, you don’t have to leave your sales goals to hope or chance. With my strategies and stewardship, you can jump start your momentum and grow your business in any economic climate. No matter the season, your sales team can be Evergreen.

Who I am For

  • Companies that understand growth is necessary and required in all seasons
  • Executives wondering if they “have the right plan.” If you aren’t confident, your investors won’t be either!
  • Those who want more consistent sales and predictable lead generation
  • Those who have aggressive sales goals, but are struggling to hit those numbers

Where do I begin?

  • Let's Talk

    Tell us about your sales needs, struggles, and growth goals.

  • Discuss Your Strategy

    I'll make suggestions based on your business needs.

  • Get Your Sales Plan

    After our initial discussion, we'll create a full, customized plan to help accelerate sales growth.

Get Started


Do you want consistent sales growth? The first step is continuously generating quality leads. Without this, even all-star sales teams with an amazing product or service will struggle. The market is full of people who are actively looking for your product or service. That means growth doesn’t have to mean guesswork — if you have the right strategy. Together we will draft a step-by-step process to fill your sales team’s pipeline with high-quality leads. You’ll eliminate the stress of lead generation and propel your entire business forward.

Harley Davidson Case Study


You’re landing new business but losing your existing accounts. Your team feels overworked. And to hit your next goal, you feel like you need to double your team. Growth doesn’t have to be that painful. You just need to maximize the effectiveness of each team member. That way, every aspect of the sales process — prospecting, responding to leads, closing, and account management — is expertly handled. Let me help you define and implement more specialized roles on your sales team. With this strategy, you’ll empower your team to work at peak efficiency. You won’t need those new hires. And you’ll stop the pain of losing your existing accounts.


You’re not the kind to rest on your laurels. You’ve succeeded so far, but what happens when there’s a market disruption or downturn? If you get too comfortable in your success, you’ll be vulnerable and exposed — and your business will suffer. I’ll show you how to protect yourself against unforeseen threats and sustain your success for the long haul. With proper training, your sales team will become an extension of your client’s businesses. As your clients succeed, you’ll succeed, too, with better retention rates, increased upsell amounts, favorable case studies, and more referrals.