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Scaling Up Services Podcast -Interview with Nigel Green

On this episode, Nigel Green challenges the status quo in talent optimization. His insights have been featured in top business publications including Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Business Insider, and many others. He is the author of Revenue Harvest: A Sales Leader’s Almanac for Planning the Perfect Year. As a consultant and advisor, he helps sales teams with large sales goals overcome underperformance to create consistent sales growth by utilizing his effective seven sales leadership principles.

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Nemo Radio

Nemo Radio Podcast –Creating a “Revenue Harvest” With Author and Consultant Nigel Green!

On this episode of Nemo Radio, Nigel shares his favorite strategies and secrets (all featured in his new book, “The Revenue Harvest”) to ensuring your sales and revenue overcome ANY obstacle to thrive and grow year after year..

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The Kent Lapp Podcast –Interview with Nigel Green

The big principles and takeaways from his new book, Revenue Harvest: A Sales Leader’s Almanac for Planning the Perfect Year. Plus, how he got into sales, past career experiences, annoying a pretty girl in the airport then marrying her, why he moved his family from Nashville to rural Kentucky, and plenty more.

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Revenue Growth Podcast – A Smart Alternative to Geographic Sales Territories

Want to accelerate your revenue growth? Try focusing your sales team on ideal clients—the type of clients that can really move the needle. Our guest today, Nigel Green, has a lot to say on this topic. He’s the author of Revenue Harvest, A Sales Leader’s Almanac for Planning the Perfect Year. This has become one of my favorite sales management books.

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The Sales Evangelist

True leadership is about consistency over time, consistency and action, consistency in values, and consistency and execution over time. This is just not in one year, not in one quarter. You have to recognize that your career is a series of seasons and if you don’t treat it that way, you won’t have a very long career.

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Pricing is Positioning with Paul Klien

How you price is a direct reflection of your brand’s position and value in the marketplace. It’s not just a matter of charging more or raising your rates; rather it is recognizing the circumstances around your products and services and then positioning for maximum value for you and your clients. Join Paul Klein a business consultant and entrepreneur for an in-depth discussion on pricing strategies, consulting tactics as well as related business building topics.

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The Sales Podcast – Harvest More Sales Revenue With Sales Management Expert Nigel Green

This is for sales leaders to build sales superstars. Being great at sales doesn’t mean you’ll be great at sales leadership. You can’t leave a wake of destruction behind you as a sales leader. Balance product, customer, and people. Be savvy and self-aware to get the help you need to succeed. All good reps and even customers eventually leave. The team is more important than the individual To prepare means to recruit. It’s a full time job. Adversity will strike and it will always be at the worst time. Regardless if you are a farmer or a hunter, you have to produce.

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B2B revenue leadership

B2B Revenue Leadership – How To Turn Around Fast & Crush Your Number

If you’re interested in B2B Revenue Leadership this is the show for you. From the founder of The Brutal Truth about Sales & Selling and The Sales Questions PodCast. This PodCast is Focused on Leadership in the B2B Space to drive revenue by using the most modern and scientific approaches. If you are a CEO, VC, CRO, CMO or want to be one some day this PodCast is for you. Listen here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/how-to-turn-around-a-sales-team-fast-and-crush-your-number/id1174976428?i=1000447159211 

Balancing Client Deliver And Marketing And Sales With Nigel Green

Balancing Client Delivery and Marketing and Sales with Nigel Green

The more that you can think of new creative ways to do business, the less likely you are to be exposed to volatility. In this episode, host Michael Zipursky interviews Nigel Green, a sales strategy advisor for B2B companies about how he got into the world of sales and strategy. Nigel started out as a sales rep out of college and worked his way into becoming an executive sales strategist, sales team architect, and sales leadership coach. Today, he talks about balancing client delivery with marketing and sales and shares some of his best practices to create more stability and move away from volatility. Listen here: https://www.consultingsuccess.com/balancing-client-delivery-and-marketing-and-sales-with-nigel-green

B2B Sales & Marketing Leadership

How to Turn Around a Sales Team Fast and Crush Your Number. Listen to How to Turn Around a Sales Team Fast and Crush Your Number from B2B Sales & Marketing Leadership – Growth Hacker for B2B Companies – Sales – VC – Selling – Success – SaaS in Podcasts. Listen here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/how-to-turn-around-a-sales-team-fast-and-crush-your-number/id1367200795?i=1000447104804 

Nemo Radio

Nemo Radio

Leadership and Sales Secrets with Nigel Green. Nigel Green has built and led category-defining sales teams for over a decade. Now he teaches sales leaders how to do the same. One example: In 3 years building and scaling the sales teams at Foundations Recovery Network, Nigel helped grow the business 3x, from a $94M valuation to a $350M valuation. He’s also served as the CEO at StoryBrand, and the CMO at relode. Along the way, Nigel’s also been a sales strategy advisor to Ascension Care Management, CaredFor, WorkIt Health and others. On this episode of Nemo Radio, Nigel shares some of his favorite leadership and sales secrets! Listen now: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/leadership-and-sales-secrets-with-nigel-green/id977054715?i=1000438030270.

MaryLou Tyler’s Predictable Prospecting Podcast

The Language of Listening As sales professionals we’re often told to smile before speaking to a client so they can hear the friendliness in our voice, but how often are we trained on listening to the body language clues coming from the other side of the phone? A lifelong student of sales and the psychology of buying and selling, guest Nigel Green is featured in this episode. Listen now: http://maryloutyler.com/portfolio/episode-60-the-language-of-listening-nigel-green/.

Ray Edwards Podcast

How to Sell Well What if selling could be a soul-enriching experience where everyone comes out on the winning side? Guest Nigel Green reveals the secret of transforming selling from scary to soothing with host Ray Edwards. Listen now: http://rayedwards.com/265/

The Sales Evangelist Podcast

How to Quickly Scale Your Sales Team Getting a sales team from the ground to the top takes a little bit of work. Guest sales architect, Nigel Green, shares his insights into what you can do to scale your sales team to the next level. Listen here: http://thesalesevangelist.com/episode573/.

Nemo Radio

Nemo Radio

Sales, Leadership and Team Building Guest Nigel Green is builder of businesses. Whether it’s taking a healthcare sales company from $94 million to $350 million of revenue in 36 months, or helping 3,000 businesses tell their story better to increase customer engagement, he’s fountain of ideas when it comes to Sales, Team Building and Leadership. Listen here: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/linkedin-riches/e/48549242?autoplay=true

Building a Story Brand Podcast

3 Reasons Why You Should Fire Yourself (Seriously!) In this podcast interview with Donald Miller, guest Nigel Green says that by firing yourself, you keep yourself from becoming complacent in your own success. Listen now: http://buildingastorybrand.com/episode-22/

How to Use Processes to Scale Your Business Big Time A process is a series of regular, linked tasks that support a key business goal. And that’s the topic guest Nigel Green and host Don Miller break down in this mini-episode of the Building a Story Brand podcast. Listen now: http://buildingastorybrand.com/processes-that-scale-your-business/

3 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Hiring a Sales Rep If the idea of hiring a salesperson for your growing business freaks you out, then this podcast interview with Nigel Green is for you. Here are the three mistakes entrepreneurs make when hiring a sales rep — and how to fix them. Listen now: http://buildingastorybrand.com/minisode-2/

The Problem with Multiple Revenue Streams (And How to Fix It) Your business has grown, and different divisions have developed over time. That means different revenue streams have taken off. Take a listen as guest Nigel Green talks the downside of that success. Listen here: http://buildingastorybrand.com/minisode-5/

How to Tell People What You Do in 3 Easy Steps In this interview with Donald Miller, J.J. Peterson and Nigel Green, they talk  through three simple steps to write a one-liner that will clarify how you talk about your business. Listen now: http://buildingastorybrand.com/minisode-1/

Nigel Green on Listening Skills for Salespeople In this interview from Anthony Iannarino, Nigel Green talks about listening, sales effectiveness and scaling a salesforce. Listen now: https://thesalesblog.com/2017/06/16/nigel-green-listening-skills-salespeople-episode-90/

Nigel Green

Hoe To Overcome Objections In Sales In this episode of the Salesman Podcast, Nigel Green explains the step by step process to break past objections. Listen now: https://www.salesman.org/320-overcome-objections-sales-nigel-green/ or watch on You Tube here: https://youtu.be/WiusaRj4VpQ

Hoe To Overcome Objections In Sales In this episode of the Sales Paradise, Chandler Barron talks with Nigel Green about his path to success in working with companies to scale businesses. Listen now: https://salesparadise.com/nigel-green-fire-yourself-episode-20/